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Oops! Did that hurt?

CBT - Cum Control - Chastity - and more!

Caught this low level employee here fucking my wife! Naturally I was furious, planned to fuck up his life, make sure no one ever hired him again. Pathetic guy begged me not to fire him, he needed the job, knew it would ruin him. Turns out he has a conservative family too, if they found out he fucked another mans wife, they'd disown him.

Of course I couldn't let him off, you don't mess with another mans wife! So I made him a deal, a couple surgical implants. Now he has a limp dick, impotent, unless I use an app on my phone to allow him to get hard. I keep it limp, despite all his pleading. Must be rough for a hot young stallion to be unable to fuck, but he is lucky I didn't have it cut off!

Since I can now trust him around my wife, I shifted his role over to my domestic assistant and housekeeper. Then I let slip to his family what he had done, and they cut him off. He was mortified, but knew his only shot at life was to obey me, or he'd be out on the street, nowhere to turn.

Oh the other implant? Shock device for his balls, app controlled too. At first I just used it to make him regret fucking my wife. Now I use it to get his attention whenever I want something, or let him know when he has fucked up. Works wonders. So the cock that fucked my wife is permanently limp, and the balls that could have impregnated her behind my back are zapped frequently ever day.